03 December 2009

English lyrics in a Hebrew song

For music buffs, here's the Hebrew song "Hamakolet" by Havareth that briefly shifts to English in the middle:


I was alerted to this by an old blog.

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  1. Good afternoon Sir Isagani,

    Thanks for sharing us this post

    I had a great time watching it

    I did watch quickly, but I could see the singers of this Hebrew song "Hamakolet"( by Havareth)sounds like a Beatles tune. The lead singer looks like Paul McCartney and they sound just cool rocking with today's popular music.

    At first, there was a bit of introduction, in a skit - well, how's this for a playwright, Sir?

    "Give me money, I'll give my heart..." it was funny - the Hebrew language come easy in music.

    I remember how you taught us writing various forms of nonfiction, and reviews --- i know there's a lot to write

    Being multilingual, is indeed, being global and cool and rockin!

    Your blog serves well.

    Thanks, Doumo Arigatu, Salamat po, Cam on, Gracias, and many more to come ... I am starving for all these words and many many words -

    A handsome smile Sir Ganni

    Have a nice day and GOD bless po,