07 September 2010

Hassani poetry

From sahara-online comes this description of Hassani poetry:

"The Hassani poetry belongs to popular poetry and is characterized by various rhythmical and prosodic forms.

"As is the case with all Arab poetry, the Hassani poetry, whether expressed in the classic language or in dialect, takes a major importance.

"Even if Hassani poets pride themselves of exceeding the classic poetry and poets, dialectal poetry contains all the same many terms and even sentences of the literary Arabic language in addition to some words appertaining to other foreign languages.

"It takes also inspiration from coranic verses, hadiths and Arab poetry of different periods."

A multilingual literary critic has to discuss the effect on the poem not just of words from other languages, but even of words and expressions in different registers or types of a single language.  There is really no end to a multilingual literary critic's job of work (in R. P. Blackmur's sense, not in the usual sense of work being a mere job).

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