06 October 2010

Khal Torabully

Here's an account of the poetry of Khal Torabully:

"The poet framed many of his poetic texts with a distance from exotic views in which many encapsulated their experience of otherness. In his early Fausse-île I and II, Torabully made a work of reinterpretation and started a quest for a poetic language mixing the music of various languages in an idiom imagined as 'fossils of language.'

"His major work, Cale-d’étoiles-Coolitude, gave new twists to the French language, subverting and enriching it with Indian, Creole and Scandinavian sources. He argued for the centrality of the sea voyage in the indentured migration, going against the taboo of the kala pani or dark seas. In so doing, the poet framed his transcultural vision in the concept of what he termed 'coolitude.'"

You can watch Torabully reading a poem in YouTube.

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