04 February 2009

Powell question # 8

Here is my unsolicited answer to the eighth question raised by Adam Donaldson Powell:

"Who are your favourite contemporary bilingual/multilingual poets, and why?"

My favorite is Cirilo F. Bautista, who writes in both Tagalog (his mother tongue) and English (his second language). He was won major prizes for his poems in either language. He writes book-length epics (a rarity these days), but also shorter poems. He also writes novels in Tagalog and short stories in English.

Also my favorite is Marjorie Evasco, who writes in both Cebuano (her mother tongue) and English (her second language). She also has won various prizes for her poems and creative nonfiction.

Both Bautista and Evasco are included in international anthologies and encyclopedias.

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