21 May 2009


I've been traveling these past few days and will be back in Manila only in the second week of June. (As I write this, I am in London.) This should explain why I most likely cannot blog regularly until I get home. When I do have quiet time in a hotel, however, I read, for my own enjoyment, multilingual literature, such as these lines from Antoine Cassar's "Gonbidapena":

Edan, erdaldunak, hau da zuen herria,
f’kull ħamrija l-għeruq, f’nifs ir-riħ kull żerriegħa,
et avant tout vignoble ce vin du mot nomade.

Cassar used to be a voice crying in the wilderness. With the increasing incidence of mixed-language poetry, he should no longer feel so alone.

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