16 July 2009

The South African scene

Kagablog reports about what is happening in South African poetry:

"sometimes poets write mainly in english and bring in either jazz\ blues\soul aspects, or rasta-speak, ragga rhythms or dub beats, or slam poetry and hip hop beats, or ghetto lingo and kwaito sounds, or traditional african oral, or all of these influences. though some poets choose to specialize in one of the genres and are quite comfortable with being classified as ‘page’ poet or ‘performance poet’, spoken word artist, ‘slam poet’ oral poet, ‘praise -poet’, etc many poets including those who are referred in the media by some of these labels choose not to confine themselves to any template or label. therefore you find a significant number of poets who write for both the page and the stage and who also have collection of poems that are a mixture of poems written in english, and poems written in hybrid language, rasta-speak and hip hop register, african languages, iscamtho\tsotsi-taal and a mix of these."

The field is wide open for readers not just of multilingual poetry but of multigenre poetry.

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