23 September 2009


My mini-open cholecystectomy (a medical procedure different from the traditional open cholecystectomy and the fashionable laparoscopic cholecystectomy) was successful. The operation took forty minutes, and I left St. Luke's Medical Center less than 48 hours later. I now am a gall bladder less. Recovery is supposed to take about twenty days at home, but since I can work at my computer at home anyway, I haven't really lost much time (although I do have to lie down every so often). I am advised to slow down, so I will most likely not be able to blog every day, but should be able to post something at least three or four times a week. Thank you to all that wished me well.

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  1. Good afternoon Sir Ganni,

    I have just read your blog, and Sir Albert Casugas blog, and have always found delight reading and learning from it, with a bonus of wisdom about life, aside from your blog themes. Wow!

    Thank GOD you are doing good. Yes, I agree with the doctors telling you to slow down while recuperating for fast healing.

    Don't worry even if you could not blog here often, we'd wait proper time of your posts.

    You are more than your blogs. Take care, Sir. We have you in our hearts.

    May GOD bless you with good health like a seagull, and GOD bless all of us, too.

    Have a nice day always, and smile smile smile!

    In St Hannibal,