09 January 2011

Colloquium on Translingual Literature

From Natasha Lvovich comes this good news:

I am happy to announce that our Colloquium on Translingual Literature has been accepted for the International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB 8) to take place in June in Oslo, Norway.  I am very pleased that our group (of six people) representing a fascinating range of topics, cultures, languages, and authors will help view L2/bilingualism issues through the lens of literary text, creativity, and overall interdisciplinarity. I believe this is a step forward for both L2- and literature-related disciplines and a significant accomplishment for the emerging field of Translingual Writing.  Congratulations to the participants and a call for attendance and support for all those who will be able to come to the conference and participate in our discussions!

If you will be in Oslo in June, don't miss this colloquium.  It is one of the rare occasions when multilingual texts will be studied from the point of view of literary criticism in addition to linguistics.

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