27 January 2009

Adam Donaldson Powell

Adam Donaldson Powell, who writes poems in Spanish, English, and Norwegian, writes in his blog entry "The Dilemma of Modern Bilingual Poetry: Virtues & Indiscretions", "The fact is that many poets are currently writing in languages other than their native tongues – for a variety of reasons, and with varied success." He adds, "Learning to discern between oversight/inaccuracy, poetic doodling and literary genius is not always so simple (neither for poet nor audience) in a discipline where most every type of expression is accepted – from poetic and rapturous prose to closely designed feminine rhyme. Creative doodling and oversight can – in fact – open up for new forms of expression, understanding and linguistic permutations in literature, and inaccuracies can sometimes provide valuable learning about writing and one’s own levels of tolerance/intolerance." He speaks as a creator of literature. What we need are comments on the same topic from readers or consumers of literature. How do we, readers, distinguish between "poetic doodling" and "literary genius"? How do we distinguish between what Andrew Gonzalez described as a "feature" from what most teachers label as a "mistake"? Questions, questions!

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