23 January 2009

Finding Liz

Does anyone know the owner of the blog on Bilingual Poetry? Her name is Liz and she lives in the U.S.A. (perhaps in San Francisco), but that's all I can get from the blog. On 21 April 2004 she had an interesting comment on her attempts to write in a second language (Spanish): "For me to write poetry partly in Spanish will result in Spanglish that is amateurish but that is no reason not to try any more than a recent immigrant to the U.S. shouldn't try writing poetry in English. Also when I am reading a lot of poetry in Spanish and studying grammar, etc., though I am not fluent, I am partly thinking in Spanish and so it naturally comes out in poetry that I'm writing." I would like to know how one can think in a language other than one's own, particularly if the language is new to the writer.

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