20 March 2009

Orlando de Rudder's recent post

From Orlando de Rudder's blog entry for 19 March 2009 comes this exquisite sonnet:

Une pulchra ragazza amabam dans ma vie
With des conciliabules, whispered et secrets
Et même du slappe lach savoureux et dadais
Voilà t-il pas that love made the things très jolies ?
Remember ces vieux jours, zoet et lait, mais horny
Mit lots of pur honey con savor y, c’est vrai,
Some grande droefgeestigheid as if il en pleuvait,
Ecce l’une des stagiones of liebens symphony!
Evohé, true liebchen, all that es du passé!
I wake up feeling alt, an headache très musclé,
Es il sadique witness of a sad gueule-de-bois.
In the estaminet, eating du kabeljauw
Really fried, je behold la poiscaille, c’est pas beau,
Tel corazon mihi, échaudé, haar au doigt!

To appreciate the poem, we must first read it aloud. The regular rhyme and the irregular iambic meter will then be obvious. Then, even without understanding every single word, we must grasp the general meaning (Everything was good when we were in love, but now everything is terrible) and try to catch some of the metaphors (e.g., love is like music; the food in the tavern scalds like my headache). Then, as we do or should do with every piece of literature, we should relate to it (and who is the reader that has not loved and lost?). Thanks to Orlando de Rudder for alerting me to his new post!

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