02 June 2009


Here's an interesting observation by a blogger:

"India is becoming a major world power -- and predictably will join with China by the end of this century to be the dominant power globally (not just in having a third of the world's population in those two national markets, but economically and politically and culturally) and that the language they will be using globally will be a derivative of the Inglish melange, a more successful form globally than the Chinese versions."

The language being referred to is Inglish, the variety of English spoken and written in India. Inglish is a mixed language, with various elements of various Indian languages incorporated into the basic International English structure.

Has anyone read the famous Indian writers from the point of view of their use of Inglish in their works? We have too often assumed that Indian writers write in International English (whatever that is), when they were most likely writing in Inglish, using English words. This is an area where multilingual literary criticism can make itself felt.

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