12 June 2009

Writing poetry in a second language

There is poetry and there is poetry. The poetry being written by second language learners in order to learn the second language is, well, poetry, but it is not the poetry that this blog focuses on. I realize that there is a pre-Raymond Williams bias in that statement (for those not into literary theory, Williams was one of the first to point out that the word "literature" was basically a way for Oxford and Cambridge university professors to discourage their students from reading what people outside the campuses were reading), but as a literary critic, I am primarily interested in what established writers do. That is a dangerous thing to say these days, when canon-bashing is the rule rather than the exception. That notwithstanding, this is why I am only tangentially interested in what is going on in foreign-language teaching circles, such as what Diane Farruq apparently does exceeding well in "Write Poetry in a Foreign Language: Create Original Poems and Improve Writing Skills."

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