03 August 2009

One poem in 111 languages

Just for fun, watch Ashrita Furman set a world record for the most number of languages in a poetry reading.

Here is the way NTDTV describes the event held on 15 April 2009:

"The man holding more Guinness World Records more than anyone reached the century mark by organizing a poetry reading.

"This time, New Yorker Ashrita Furman organized a reading of a poem in 111 languages. With this event, Furman now holds 100 Guinness World Records, an achievement no one comes close to matching.

"More than a hundred people read the poem at City Hall Park in lower Manhattan. The poem was recited in widely spoken languages like English, Dutch and Korean, to less well-known languages like Bahkir, Galician, Inuktitut and Telugu.

"A Guinness representative presented Furman with a plaque recognizing his 100 current Guinness World Records."

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this Dr Cruz. Excited and overcome with curiosity, I searched for the 111-language poem - unfortunately, it was the reading (not the poem) that was multilingual - an 8-line psalm by Sri Chinmoy was recited in 111 tongues. Still a great feat: