14 November 2010

New book by Adam Donaldson Powell

Congratulations to a member of our community of multilingual writers!  Here's the description from Amazon.com of The Stalker (Tale of a French Bitch), the new book by Adam Donaldson Powell:  "The Stalker (Tale of a French Bitch) is a story that explores the battle between the sexes, sexual orientation, questions of gender and the psychological aspects of personal identity.  Rachel, the main character, suffers from multiple personality disorder and enters into a relationship with a transsexual in transition (a shemale).  There are twists and turns to this bilingual tale, which is mostly written in English but which also includes a bit of French."

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  1. May I pass on this quote from Salman Rushdie that might interest followers of this blog. In response to a question on his distinct prose style, he writes:
    "I had to find it. The clues were in the way in which people in Indian cities speak. The spoken language is very playful, and it mingles words from two or three languages. I had never really seen in a book a represen-tation of that language. I wanted to find an
    English that felt like that polyglot speech.
    TIME (Nov 22 '10)